The ancient city museums of Turkey will be available to visit at night

Древние города-музеи Турции можно будет посещать по ночам

The ancient city of Ephesus and the world-famous Pamukkale in Turkey can already be visited after sunset. The practice will soon spread to other iconic tourist sites in the country. A special program of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism “night museums” has been developed to increase the tourist flow. It is assumed that those tourists who are too hot to “cultivate” during the day will come to the museums at night.


Ephesus on the Aegean coast has become a “pilot” facility. You can visit Ephesus after sunset from April 9, 2024.

The objects of the ancient city, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors, are artistically illuminated using an LED system. The museum is open to visitors until midnight.

According to the director of the Ephesus Museum, Cengiz Topal, quoted by the publication Anatolian Archaeology, the initiative can increase the tourist flow of the museum by almost a quarter: if 2.16 million people visited Ephesus in 2023, then 2.6 million visitors are expected there in 2024.

A similar initiative has been launched in Pamukkale. After sunset, you can admire the ancient Hierapolis and the unique travertines with clear water in the western province of Denizli.

Древние города-музеи Турции можно будет посещать по ночам

Pamukkale at sunset. Photo from the official website of the Pamukkale Museum.

“Tourists will experience a unique experience of contemplating natural and archaeological beauties at night, especially in travertines. Those who find it difficult to travel in the heat of the summer months will be able to visit this wonder of the world, Pamukkale, at night: enjoy the beauty of the Gates of Hell, the Ancient Theater. The Night Museums project will make a great contribution to the development of tourism in Denizli,” Veli Akel, Director of Culture and Tourism of Turan Province, told Hurriett.

Pamukkale is breaking its own attendance records: in the first 4 months of 2024, the museum received 55% more tourists than in the same period last year – almost 482 thousand people.


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By the end of the year, taking into account the opportunity to visit the facility at night, Pamukkale expects up to 3 million guests.


The Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency TGA explained to Vestnik ATOR that the initiative to open museums at night is designed to give an opportunity to get acquainted with the richest archaeological heritage to those tourists who cannot or do not want to see it in the daytime because of the heat.

It is assumed that this step will help Turkey to receive guests year-round in 81 provinces.

Ekaterina Tropova

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