Jazeera Airways told how to become happy in 2024

В Jazeera Airways рассказали, как стать счастливым в 2024 году

Traditionally, on New Year’s Eve, including the tourist world, is filled with bright congratulations. This year, the representatives of the Russian travel industry, who are actively participating in the “marathon of wishes”, were joined by the airline Jazeera Airways. Opening the bag of New Year’s wishes from Jazeera Airways.

Astrologers say that 2024 will be ambiguous, it will keep you in good shape, but at the same time it will allow you to relax and be generous with impressions. In general, this is a year of ingenuity and playing ahead of the curve.

Jazeera Airways already knows how to be successful with such introductory ones, because it passed the predicted “tests” of 2024 already in 2023, which became the carrier’s first year of life on the Russian market.

Regional representative of Jazeera Airways in Russia Yana Vaziri, at the request of Vestnik ATOR, prepared a success memo for 2024.

“2023 was a very eventful year for the entire Russian Jazeera Airways team. We entered the Russian market, a completely new territory for Jazeera Airways, and it was an exciting time of beginnings and opportunities. Yes, it was not easy, but we coped, learned a lot and enriched ourselves with interesting experiences. We believe that there are only victories ahead,” Yana Vaziri said.

В Jazeera Airways рассказали, как стать счастливым в 2024 году

To achieve success in 2024, Yana Vaziri wishes Russians to be healthy, brave, inspired, inquisitive, sincere about their time, to please and rejoice, to meet halfway to your dreams with a confident gait and a smile on your face.

“Of course, you still need to believe in miracles, which sometimes really happen. And if this faith is supported by hard work, then the result will certainly please,” said the representative of Jazeera Airways.

As for the intensive work. In 2024, Jazeera Airways will continue to strengthen its position, trying to become a necessary and valuable carrier for Russians. There will be new destinations, new services on board, etc.

“And a couple more wishes. Let there be more stability and strength in everyone’s life in 2024 to achieve what is planned, let the year be filled with inspiration and opportunities, warmth and awareness. Let’s work together to build a bright world for ourselves,” concluded Yana Vaziri.

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