PAX: Results of 2023 and plans for the next year

ПАКС: Итоги 2023 и планы на следующий год


Lyubov Chuchmaeva, Deputy General Director for the promotion of PAKS, acted as a “guest from the future”. She told about the tour operator’s plans for the next year and summed up the results of the outgoing one.

“Dear colleagues! Agree that all tourism workers and employees of a major tour operator in particular are a bit “guests from the future”. So, at the final business breakfast in St. Petersburg, we revealed exclusive projects for the 2024 summer season – this is a flight program to Montenegro. We hope that we will give tourists a vacation on the Adriatic Sea together and cooperate as fruitfully as this year!

Of course, in the near future we plan to actively communicate with agencies – seminars and webinars in the capital and beyond. Perhaps the meetings will be held in the original format again, because we love experiments (and how much I love them!).

Friends, judging by your reviews, the feature of this year was the PAKS Apartment buildings in the leading areas. Our novelty is that the warm chamber format has not only “caught on” in Moscow, but has also gone beyond its borders. At the request of regional agents, the tour operator’s team held several online meetings, and also made a whole tour of Russian cities with the Apartment owners. The Golden Ring of the company includes Tula, Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Yaroslavl and Kaliningrad. Thank you for the warm welcome!

Twice – in Moscow and the northern capital – the guests of the events participated in a master class from the real guru of tourism – the famous business coach Marina Sonina. The specialist analyzed the most pressing issues – online sales and the subtleties of communicating with potential customers. Next year we will prepare useful training gifts for the travel retail again.

In total, in 2023, the staff of the tour operator conducted 67 webinars. The top views included Thailand (“Thailand from the old-timers of the direction), Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka. Tune in to the best) and the Maldives (Cheat sheet on the Maldives: everything on the shelves).

Colleagues, thank you for working together this year and we wish you a busy tourist life next year. Let there be as many trips as possible!”

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