The Parliament of Georgia voted for new amendments to the law on tourism

To enter the countries from June 1, 2024, you will need medical insurance

Парламент Грузии проголосовал за новые поправки в законе о туризме

The Parliament of Georgia adopted the updated law “On Tourism” in the third and final reading. With all the amendments provided for in the document.

According to the updated law, it is mandatory to have a medical insurance policy for all tourists entering the country. Both health and accidents.

This provision, if the president does not return the law for revision, will become effective from June 01, 2024.

Tour operators were required to inform tourists about additional insurance costs.

The rules for issuing a policy have not yet been determined:The minimum price, the list of accredited insurance companies – all this will be decided by the government.

The penalty for the absence of a policy has already been determined: 300 Georgian lari ($111 at the current exchange rate).

Work on the project began about two years ago. According to the government, the reform will affect all sectors of tourism and bring all regulation in this area to a single standard.

According to preliminary data, the bill will affect both tour operators and tour guides, as well as the hotel sector.

Earlier, the government stated the need for certification in this area and work permits.

It is obvious that Georgia is following the path of the Schengen countries, where a medical policy with insurance coverage starting from 30,000 euros is required for obtaining a visa.

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