Which mobile apps will be useful in Poland? – tripmydream

Какие мобильные приложения будут полезны в Польше? - tripmydream

Often, when moving to another country, we use smartphones with transport guides, favorable prices, delivery, finding the right medicines or discounts. Below we have compiled a detailed list of applications and services that should make your life easier in Poland. November 08, 2023 AUTHOR: Darin’s penny 0 5 min

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Какие мобильные приложения будут полезны в Польше? - tripmydream

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  • Jakdojade (Google Play/App Store) is a must-have app for public transport users. It helps to find a schedule, choose the best route and track traffic by showing the number of remaining stops. You can also buy tickets through it.
  • If you need to travel by train, we recommend installing the PKP Intercity (Google Play/App Store) and KOLEO (Google Play/App Store) applications. They will help you find suitable tickets and check train schedules. It is important to note that the PKP Intercity program may have flights that are sometimes not displayed in KOLEO.
  • To rent electric scooters, you can use services such as Uber (Google Play/App Store) and Bolt (Google Play/App Store).
  • Nextbike (Google Play/App Store) is an application for renting bicycles in any major city in Poland.
  • BlaBlaCar (Google Play/App Store) allows you to either become a passenger for a trip to the desired city, or provide transport for others. The cost of the trip is determined by the drivers. It is important to note that sometimes you can find bus tickets in this service.
  • Popular car sharing services include Panek (Google Play/App Store), 4mobility (Google Play/App Store), Traficar (Google Play/App Store).


  • Uber Eats (Google Play/App Store), Pyszne.pl (Google Play/App Store), Wolt (Google Play/App Store), Glovo (Google Play/App Store) will help deliver food from supermarkets.
  • In the Too Good To Go (Google Play/App Store) and Foodsi (Google Play/App Store) applications, you can order delicious dishes at a low price when establishments have products on balance. Foodsi also deals with magazines, flowers and cosmetics.
  • Through the Finebite application (Google Play/App Store) you can book a table at the institution with pleasant bonuses: a discount on food and drinks is provided for booking.

Какие мобильные приложения будут полезны в Польше? - tripmydream

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Beauty and Health

  • ZnanyLekarz (Google Play/App Store) will help you find the right specialist for sudden health problems.
  • You can search for medicines using the GdziePoLek application, which is available on Google Play. iOS users can try an analog – KtoMaLek (App Store). Both applications allow you to check the prices of medicines and make a pre-order.
  • Doz.pl (Google Play/App Store) is another pharmacy for finding medicines at a low price.
  • Booksy is an application created for your convenience and your own needs. With Booksy (available on Google Play and the App Store), you can sign up for a beauty salon, gym, dentist or massage therapist. In addition, if you have your own transport, you can also take care of it through Booksy, for example, book time at the car wash.


  • Download the programs of the stores that you often visit for convenience. Each store has its own promotions and offers. For example, the application Żappka from Żabka (available on Google Play and App Store) allows you to collect frogs (Żappsy) for discounts on goods, and Hebe (available on Google Play and App Store) allows you to order goods, especially when they are not always in the store.
  • Online clothing purchase services: Zalando (Google Play/App Store) or Asos (Google Play/App Store).
  • Allegro (Google Play/App Store) – “Polish Aliexpress”
  • Vinted (available on Google Play and App Store) is an online platform where you can find interesting things or sell your products.
  • OLX (available on Google Play and the App Store) is a universal platform where you can find everything from an online flea market and job or housing search to a catalog of goods and services for buying tickets to various events.
  • Ceneo (Google Play/App Store) is an excellent application where, in addition to buying, you can also compare prices for the same product, but in different stores.

Какие мобильные приложения будут полезны в Польше? - tripmydream

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  • Blix.pl (Google Play/App Store) or Moja gazetka (Google Play/App Store) – universal apps with certain discounts on certain products in stores.
  • Through Qpony (Google Play/App Store) and Groupon (Google Play/App Store), you can find profitable coupons not only for products, but also for equipment and much more.


  • Via Inpost (Google Play/App Store) you can send parcels, follow them and pick them up via paczkomat.
  • DPD Mobile (Google Play/App Store) is a popular application with which you can order parcel delivery by courier.


  • Going. (Google Play/App Store). Here you can find online posters and buy tickets for interesting events in your city.
  • Naviki (Google Play/App Store) is an application with which you can plot a bicycle route, track speed and interesting stops along the way.


  • Kanarek (Google Play/App Store) will provide information on how clean the air is for walking.
  • For your own safety, you can check the level of air pollution, the percentage of allergenic substances in the air, as well as its temperature through the AccuWeather application (Google Play/App Store).

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