Turks may be denied a visa because of the ink color in the application

The percentage of refusals to issue visas to Turkish citizens exceeded 20%

Туркам могут отказать в визе из-за цвета чернил в заявлении

In recent months, visa applications from Turks wishing to visit European Union member States have been rejected with unprecedented frequency.

Last year, the percentage of refusals to issue visas to Turks exceeded 20%. It is believed that there are similar indicators in the latest data, and visa applications for more than 40 thousand Turks were rejected.

According to Ali Gulen, the editor-in-chief of Sözcü, a very important and unknown detail in the visa refusal was written by the newspaper Die Zeit, which reports on Turkish complaints about visa refusal.

Die Zeit: “Sky blue ink is not accepted. In fact, formalities make it difficult to achieve successful results on a visa. Even the color of the pen can cause documents to be rejected. For example, fountain pens with sky-blue ink are not accepted. “You can’t know that, the app doesn’t specify the color,” he wrote.

Those who used a fountain pen or a blue pen, filled out forms with them or had inscriptions in documents of this color were most likely denied a visa.

Turks pay an average of 110 million euros per year for visa applications, and most of this amount is wasted. Many scientists and students who need urgent visas for education, commissions, healthcare and various activities continue to face visa problems.

The fact that Germany did not include the “sky blue pen” detail among the reasons for the visa refusal raised many questions.

The reasons for refusal of a visa to Germany are usually as follows: “Your documents are not enough. The purpose of your stay is unclear. The existence of family or kinship ties was not considered probable. Your invitation has not been approved or confirmed. “The information about your vacation does not match the requested visa.”

But none of the rejection responses say that the visas were rejected because the pen or the color used in the documents were blue.

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