Vitaly Chizhikov, the head of the PAX tour operator, is 65 years old!

Главе туроператора ПАКС Виталию Чижикову – 65 лет!

From Vitaly Chizhikov, CEO of the PAX tour operator company, which celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2022, is also an anniversary date: on Sunday, January 14, he turned 65 years old! The Association of Tour Operators, together with Vitaly’s friends and colleagues in the travel business, decided to congratulate him on a significant date. 

Vitaly Viktorovich managed to assemble a large well-coordinated team and lead it through the difficult world of tourism for many years. A talented leader capable of making wise decisions. A person who sets big goals and achieves them. The bold and interesting projects initiated and implemented by Vitaly Viktorovich turned PAKS into a well-known multidisciplinary tour operator on the market.

The Association of Tour Operators (ATOR) cordially congratulates Vitaly Viktorovich on his anniversary and wishes him health, warmth from his loved ones and, most importantly, the same unquenchable activity in the development of Russian tourism, for which he is so appreciated in our industry.

Vitaly Chizhikov’s friends also join ATOR’s congratulations:

“What a significant event! And I immediately remembered a pre-revolutionary rhyme I heard from my grandfather in childhood:

“A Siskin was riding in a boat

In the rank of general.

Let’s drink vodka

For this reason!”

Well, is the general from tourism? What a good suggestion! And with a historical patina. So come on, Vitalik, to your health and new creative successes. I’ve known you for how many years, but you’re still as sincere and wonderful. Stay that way.

happy Birthday! Hug. Always your Sorokin.

Alexander Sorokin, President of PAC GROUP

“Vitaly, dear! You are one of the old–timers of the Russian tourism market, one of its most respected members.

I sincerely congratulate you on a wonderful date and wish that all your plans, wishes and dreams come true.

So that Thailand, Sri Lanka and definitely the Adriatic continue to obey you and the PAX company!”

Taras Kobishchanov, CEO of the Russian Express Holding.

“Congratulations on the anniversary of a true professional in his field, a competent, honest and extremely hardworking businessman in tourism – Vitaly Chizhikov!

Everyone who knows Vitaly can say that he surprises with a rare combination of humanity, literacy, integrity and professionalism in our time. The more such professional directors there are, the better and more confident we all are in a difficult market. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you good health, Vitaly!”

Vitaly Stamatov, General Director of the tour operator Ambotis Holidays

“Dear Vitaly Viktorovich, congratulations from the Moscow representative Office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The almost 30-year cooperation between the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the PAKS company you run has become an important milestone in the development of the Russian-Thai tourism business, which has made Thailand one of the most popular destinations for Russian tourists. I wish you good health and all the best and further success in your fruitful work!”

Konstantin Kinel, Head of Marketing at the Moscow Representative Office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

“Vitaly! We have known each other for many years, and now, looking at the path we have traveled, I can say that everything you did and are doing was right and leading to success.

But it’s too early to sum up! 65 is only a new stage, where your vast experience in tourism will be combined with wisdom, and both together, synergy, as it is called now, will be the key to new achievements and victories! Happy Birthday! With new perspectives!”

Sergey Kanaev, Marketing Director of the Representative Office in Russia and the CIS of the Department for Tourism Development of the Emirate of Sharjah.

“Dear Vitaly, an invaluable partner and friend!

I cordially congratulate you on your anniversary! I sincerely wish you health and vigor for many more years, the love of your family, and wealth — both spiritual and material. Do not let the interest in life go out in your soul, keep active and purposeful. Continue your endeavors, develop, because it was with you at the head that PAX became a reliable partner and a good friend, just like yourself.

There are many achievements and reasons for joy and pride left behind, despite all the cataclysms. I wish not only to save, but also to multiply all the acquisitions! I am very glad of our long-term friendship, I appreciate high-quality partnership and wish you new plans and ideas, and may all your travels come true! I wish you all the best, because life is wonderful, and all the best is ahead! Happy holidays!”

Raiko Ruzicka, Head of the Croatian Tourist Community in Russia

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