What to see in Vietnam: Top 10 places

Vietnam is an Asian country with a distinctive culture, exotic nature and amazing sights that attract travelers. To make your trip full of visual impressions, Poehalisnami experts.kz has compiled a list of what you can see in Vietnam.

Top 10 interesting places in Vietnam

Our rating includes:

  • Cham Towers on Mount Ku Lao.
  • Monkey Island.
  • Tien Mu Pagoda. 
  • Pepper plantation.
  • The Mai Song complex.
  • Purple Forbidden City.
  • Golden Bridge.
  • Mekong Delta.
  • Mu An Hot springs.
  • Pile tunnels. 

These are exactly the tourist locations that a tourist should see in Vietnam first. Read more about them below.

Что посмотреть во Вьетнаме: Топ-10 мест

Natural and architectural heritage of the country

The sacred temple towers of Po Nagar are located near the city of Nha Trang. They were built more than 1000 years ago and were part of a large complex. Buddhist rituals are held here, and tourists can get acquainted with the colorful architecture of the temple.

If you want to find out what to visit in Vietnam near Nha Trang, one of the natural relics of the region is located 20 km away – monkey Island. Previously, there was a nursery here, after its closure, 2,000 individuals remained on its territory. You can visit the island as part of an excursion or on your own. Animals are usually friendly, but valuables are better hidden. 

Architecture lovers will remember the tour to the Tien Mu Pagoda. It was built in the XVII century. The building was repeatedly destroyed and restored. Today, the 20-meter pagoda in Hue City consists of seven tiers, which symbolize the transformations of the Buddha. 

Another unusual attraction of the country is the pepper plantation on Phu Quoc Island. There is a picturesque nature here, and the local pepper is considered the best in the world. Tourists can take vivid photos in the thickets of the plant, as well as purchase pepper-based products. 

Mai Song is an architectural landmark that is located in the city of Da Nang. The temple complex was repeatedly looted and destroyed during the bombing. Today, several ancient buildings with elegant bas-reliefs have been preserved on its territory. Architects are still excavating here. In addition to Mai Son, North Vietnam offers to visit other places in the region – pagodas, temples, museums.

Что посмотреть во Вьетнаме: Топ-10 мест

Hue City is dominated by the Forbidden Purple City, founded 500 years ago. Previously, the imperial family lived here, and the city was distinguished by unprecedented luxury. On its territory you can explore the Royal Theatre, the library and other buildings. 

Another item from the list that you should definitely see in Vietnam is the Golden Bridge near Da Nang. It was built in 2018 and allows visitors to admire the surroundings from a height of 1400 m. From a distance, the bridge looks like a strip of gold that starts at a cliff and is supported by stone pillars in the form of Buddha’s hands.

Что посмотреть во Вьетнаме: Топ-10 мест

South Vietnam attracts guests with walks along the Mekong Delta. During the tour, they visit picturesque islands, admire nature and houseboats located on the river. 

Mu An hot springs are visited to restore health. The water in them is healing for the skin, joints, and nerves. If you don’t know where to go in Vietnam to combine business with pleasure, visit the thermal springs. 

Ho Chi Minh City is home to the underground village of Kuchi, which was dug during the American expansion. In addition to a tour of the complex tunnel system, tourists will visit the jungle and the beach.

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