What should tourists not do in Thailand: import and export?

Thailand is a country visited annually by many tourists from all over the world. But despite the hospitality of the locals, there are rules and restrictions that travelers need to know in order to avoid possible trouble. In this article, the experts of Poehalisnami.kz offers to get acquainted with the peculiarities of local laws and figure out what tourists should not do in Thailand.

What tourists should not do in the country: cultural and legislative prohibitions

Thailand has strict laws. Some tourists do not even suspect about them, which does not relieve them of responsibility. For example, it is forbidden to criticize the king and his family members. Such an oversight is punishable by a real prison term.

In addition, it is not allowed to take video and photography from a drone without permission. You will have to pay a fine. Smoking electronic cigarettes can be punishable by up to 10 years, and smoking conventional tobacco products is allowed only in special places. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine of 700 USD, or get a ban on re-entry into the country.

A few more restrictions on what not to do in Thailand: behave indecently on the beach or in the sea, feed fish, take shells and corals with you.

There are also cultural restrictions. They will not be fined or imprisoned for them, but they will cause the disapproval of others.For example, it’s not worth it:

  • touch the head of a local resident;
  • raise your voice;
  • enter temple complexes in shoes;
  • women touch monks.

Чего нельзя делать в Тайланде туристам: ввозить и вывозить?

What can not be imported into the country

Before going on vacation, we suggest you get acquainted with the list of things that you can not take with you to Thailand. It includes narcotic substances, weapons and ammunition, as well as items of religious and cultural significance. 

In addition, the import of food products is prohibited – meat and dairy products due to the risk of spreading infectious diseases. If a tourist needs to bring medicines for personal needs, he must present a prescription from a doctor. 

The list of things that cannot be imported into Thailand also includes: electronic cigarettes, hookah, and the number of cigarettes is limited to 200 pcs. per person. Moreover, if this limit is exceeded, a fine of 1000 USD is provided.

Чего нельзя делать в Тайланде туристам: ввозить и вывозить?

What it is forbidden to export from the country

However, these are not all the restrictions in force in the country. Here is a list of items prohibited for export. 

Cultural values and antiques cannot be exported without special permission. The export of some exotic animals, birds, and reptiles is prohibited.

It is also forbidden to export more than 20,000 baht in the national currency; documents confirming the legality of the origin of funds must be provided.

If you are interested in more information that cannot be exported from Thailand, this includes:

  • stuffed animals;
  • Buddha figurines over 13 cm high;
  • medicines without a prescription;
  • jewelry without a store receipt and certificate;
  • ivory and turtle shell products.

There are some restrictions that apply to food as well. For example, it is forbidden to transport fresh durian fruits. This exotic fruit has a sharp, very strong unpleasant smell. However, jams based on it, dried fruits are allowed to be transported.

Чего нельзя делать в Тайланде туристам: ввозить и вывозить?

It is also forbidden to bring coconuts and watermelons on board. The first ones are not illuminated by scanners, and a watermelon can burst in the air due to pressure fluctuations. If you want to bring something else from fruits from your vacation, you can safely pack them in your luggage.

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