Where can women with children stay for free in Warsaw for a day? – tripmydream

Где женщинам с детьми в Варшаве бесплатно остановиться на сутки? - tripmydream

Ukrainian refugees continue to arrive in Europe in search of asylum, many of them choose a route through Warsaw to various Polish cities and other EU countries. The capital of Poland is a key logistics center for Ukrainian migrants in the European Union. January 03, 2024 AUTHOR: Darin’s penny 0 2 min

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Где женщинам с детьми в Варшаве бесплатно остановиться на сутки? - tripmydream

Kopek Darina insta Editor tripmydream

Ukrainian women arriving in Warsaw can take advantage of free rest and overnight stay at the 24-hour The point of mother and child, located at the Warsaw Zapadnaya bus station.

Not everyone can allow the hotel, especially when the transfer takes several hours. And it’s hard to wait with the children at the train station in the cold. Therefore, our Point continues to work, receiving 40-50 people daily these days,” said Maria Kuzenko, head of the EWL Migrant Labor Market Fund.

In a room equipped with 50 beds, you can stay for free for a day. There is also a playroom for children, the opportunity to get tea, warm up food, use the free Internet and take the necessary children’s clothes. During the Christmas holidays, all the little guests were given sweets.

In December-January, the flow of travelers between Ukraine and the EU increases. Women with children go to Ukraine for Christmas, or vice versa, leave Ukraine, fearing missile attacks and blackouts. Many stop at the Point for several hours, waiting for a transfer.

The mother and child center in Warsaw is located on the second floor of the Warsaw West bus station (Warszawa Zachodnia, al. Jerozolimskie, 144).

According to the information zakordon.24tv.ua .

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