Where to go to nature in the spring, but with amenities?

Куда поехать весной на природу, но чтобы с удобствами?

We asked professionals — specialists of the manufacturer of dome rooms for glamping Fullerdome – to tell us how you can spend your vacation this spring.

Glamping is a relatively new phenomenon in the tourist environment, which has become really popular in Russia only in the last few years. The term “glamping”, as we have already written, is derived from the words “glamour” and “camping” and reflects the idea of combining luxury and familiar amenities with nature in its most natural form.

Куда поехать весной на природу, но чтобы с удобствами?

Although the concept of glamping is relatively new, its history goes back to the past. Already in the 19th century, rich people traveled to nature and stayed in luxury tents and pavilions. In the first half of the 20th century, tents made of silk and canvas were overgrown with furniture and carpets, and bungalows and mobile homes appeared on the camping grounds.

Today, glamping is a modern and design interpretation of the tradition of comfortable accommodation in nature. With the advent of new technologies and materials, as well as the increased demand for environmentally friendly outdoor activities — “sustainable tourism”, glamping began to develop dynamically. Modern glamping offers a variety of accommodation options — from tents and yurts to domes and wooden houses with attics. This allows tourists to choose the most suitable option for themselves and enjoy nature without giving up the comforts of modern life, which residents of large cities are so used to.

Look for your glamping in nature parks and national reserves

Куда поехать весной на природу, но чтобы с удобствами?

When you are looking for glamping in the spring, you should pay attention to the facilities located in nature parks and national reserves. In spring, nature wakes up, fresh greenery and flowers appear, birds sing — this makes a vacation in such places unforgettable.

Nature does not have bad weather

Spring can be unpredictable — sunny and warm during the day, and windy and rainy at night. Therefore, be sure to make sure that the glamping will be warm, that is, heating is provided. There are heaters and warm blankets — good, insulated walls — even better. The comfort of staying in nature largely depends on this. Make sure that the selected location is located at a sufficient distance from the city noise, and there is no highway nearby. Then you can really surrender to nature and relax. Also make sure that the glamping is in a safe area where there is no risk of flooding or landslides.


Decide on the type of placement

Куда поехать весной на природу, но чтобы с удобствами?

There are many options for accommodation in glamping: tents, campers, caravans and even treehouses. But if you are picky about comfort and coziness, the ideal win—win option is the so-called “geo-dome” rooms. They have a round shape and provide excellent visibility, thanks to panoramic glazing. These rooms have all the amenities for a comfortable stay. Geocup structures are also characterized by high performance properties. It is always warm inside — under any whims of the weather, which is extremely important in early spring.

Check for amenities

Куда поехать весной на природу, но чтобы с удобствами?


Glamping initially involves different levels of comfort, so it’s important to make sure that the one you choose has all the amenities you need. For example, free Wi-Fi, bathroom, kitchen, grill for cooking in nature. Geo-dome rooms are usually also equipped with heaters to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature.


Learn about local attractions and activities

When you choose glamping, make sure that there are places around for walking, hiking and other activities. In the spring, many glamping sites organize various activities and activities such as birch sap hikes, cycling, kayaking, fishing, etc. In general, choose from those options that you found most interesting.


Learn about the rules and restrictions

Куда поехать весной на природу, но чтобы с удобствами?

Before booking a glamping, be sure to study the rules and restrictions. Some glamping sites prohibit smoking on the territory, somewhere you can not live with pets or arrange noisy parties after a certain time. All this is very important to know in order to avoid trouble during your vacation.

Reviews and ratings

First, study the reviews and ratings of other travelers. This will help you avoid unexpected surprises. At the same time, take into account not only the number of reviews, but also their quality. Read the reviews carefully, pay attention to the positive and negative aspects, especially the details and trifles.

A spring vacation in a well—chosen glamping will bring you unforgettable impressions – you will remember it all your life. Gather your thoughts, invite your family or friends with you and enjoy a joint vacation in nature in comfort and coziness.

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