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Sometimes it is very difficult to decide which country to choose for a vacation. Someone dreams of wild jungles, someone dreams of walking among skyscrapers, for others a vacation is impossible without the sea and the beach. Life still limits the imagination of travelers to a list of countries that have opened their borders to tourists, but the good news is that, firstly, this list is slowly but steadily increasing, and secondly, there are countries offering holidays for every taste and budget! We offer you a selection of the most diverse destinations, from the turquoise lagoons of the Maldives to the vast savannahs of Kenya.


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If you are looking for paradise, then the Maldives is somewhere very close. Holidays in the Maldives include gourmet food, luxury villas, paradisiacal beaches and, of course, azure crystal clear lagoons. It is not surprising that these islands in the Indian Ocean are on almost everyone’s list of desirable places. Photos from such a vacation will become a real decoration for any Instagram.Another highlight of a holiday in the Maldives is that they are really in the wilderness, and often this is exactly what we all need to completely relax. And if you get bored on the white sand, picnics on the seashore and hotel events, fishing and diving among the stunning coral atolls are waiting for you.


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If you know the Dominican Republic from photos, then coming here, you will be surprised to see not only snow-white beaches and palm trees. The island boasts stunning landscapes of rural peaks and hilly valleys, beautifully restored monasteries, crumbling colonial-era buildings and impressive rocky cliffs, fishing villages, beautiful parks leading to falling waterfalls, and bays.The Dominican Republic is ideal for a romantic and family vacation without worries. Luxury All-inclusive hotels located near the shore under the shade of tropical plants delight guests with excellent service, and nature seems to be created to restore the strength of a tired urban dweller.


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There is no concept of time in the Seychelles. Slowing down your step, you will be happy to feel your feet sinking into soft, warm sand, and the tropical vegetation around you shelters you from prying eyes, noise and worries. Luxury villas combine the comfort of modern technology and natural materials, the hotel service allows you to relax and not think about anything, and anxiety and anxiety are simply prohibited from entering here.


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Those who are looking for a luxurious beach holiday will love the beautiful beaches of Mexico, where you can not only soak up the gentle waters, but also go snorkeling, diving or fishing. The Riviera Maya is especially suitable for family holidays, as many resorts offer all-inclusive plans and a variety of recreational activities for children. For couples and newlyweds, the luxurious coastal hotels of Tulum will make your vacation especially romantic.The famous Mexican cuisine, fiery as the very spirit of this beautiful land, will attract gourmets, and lovers of culture with a thousand-year history will admire the wealth of Mayan and Aztec ruins that can be found in Mexico, including Chichen Itza, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the pyramids of Teotihuacan, located northeast of Mexico City, and Monte Alban, a pre-Columbian archaeological site in Oaxaca.

South Africa

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One of the most interesting countries in the world is located in the very south of the African continent. Who has not heard these names: “Cape Town”, “Cape of Good Hope”, “Pretoria”, “Kalahari”. South Africa sounds like music for those who have the spirit of adventurism and the desire to be a pioneer.Colonies of penguins and fur seals, the “Big Five” famous African safaris, watching giant whales… and at the same time – luxurious diamonds, fine wines of local vineyards, the splendor of hotel palaces. This country is perfect for lovers of active and exotic holidays.


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We are talking Egypt, and the silhouette of the famous pyramids rises before our eyes, and the alluring whisper of the Red Sea is heard in our ears. Egypt has been improving its tourism industry for decades in order to please every guest as much as possible. Seaside resorts will appeal to beach lovers, but if you need more than just the sea and the sun – and then this country will not disappoint your expectations, it will surpass them!Egypt offers visitors a wide variety of experiences to choose from: history lovers will be fascinated by the pyramids and temple complexes, romantics will enjoy the sea and sunsets or sunrises over the great Nile, diving enthusiasts will be delighted exploring the magnificent coral reefs, eco-tourists will not remain indifferent to the beauty of Ras Mohammed and Nabq natural parks, seekers Adventurers will appreciate the thrill of jeep safaris, camel expeditions, ATV excursions, mountain hikes and deep-sea fishing.


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Do you want to relax with children? Are you flying with a cheerful youth company? Maybe you are looking for a quiet carefree relaxation by the sea? Do you want to walk through palaces and museums? Maybe you are interested in shopping?All this awaits the guests in Turkey. This name has long been synonymous with a great vacation. There are hotels for every taste and budget, beaches – with silk sand or pebbly, with incredibly blue water. Here you can taste famous oriental sweets or Mediterranean dishes, visit the palaces of sultans, or desperately bargain at local markets, relax body and soul in a hammam or dance until you drop at a disco, take off over the sea on a parplane, or jump into it from a pleasure yacht.


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This country can be described in just one word, and that word is “Amazing.” Everything is the best here. The tallest skyscrapers, the most luxurious hotels, the most fun amusement parks, the largest aquariums and shopping malls, the brightest colors and flowers. Oriental luxury reigns here.
Everything is possible in the seven emirates of the UAE, which makes this place a truly special luxury destination. Here you can relax by the sea in the morning, and in the evening go on a jeep safari deep into the majestic desert, get lost among fashionable boutiques – or among historical monuments carefully preserved in the Emirates.
In the UAE, you will find a vacation to your liking – whatever you want. Your every wish will be fulfilled with truly oriental hospitality.


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Kenya is very lucky with a variety of natural landscapes – here the lush greenery of tropical forests is combined with the grandeur of deserts, wide savannas are interspersed with mountains, and eternal snows on the mountain tops shade golden sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.A vacation in Kenya is primarily a safari. By jeep or by balloon – if you come to Kenya, you will inevitably fall in love with the expanses of its savannahs, full of life and colors. Rhinos and lions, giraffes and cheetahs, zebras and antelopes – all those animals that we are used to seeing in zoos, here are the real lords of their land, strong, graceful and beautiful. They will be at arm’s length from you, giving you unforgettable impressions – and unique photos.

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