We are spending a vacation in Abu Dhabi

Проводим отпуск в Абу Даби

A city built in the desert is a real architectural and technological miracle. Abu Dhabi is a unique pearl of the Arab Emirates, their capital, which cannot be neglected.

Abu Dhabi is strikingly different from other emirates, has its own unique charm. The tallest building in the world has not been built here, but you will not meet the hustle and bustle of Dubai. Pristine beaches, rich cultural heritage, beautiful coastline, calm promenades and green alleys – all this makes Abu Dhabi a unique place to relax.

Проводим отпуск в Абу Даби

Washed by the waters of the Persian Gulf It is surrounded by almost two hundred islands, one of which is the Island of Happiness.

This emirate offers you its unique oriental hospitality, which is deservedly mentioned in fairy tales and legends. There is a lot to do here besides beach holidays in luxury hotels.

Have lunch at the Lebanese Flower

Проводим отпуск в Абу Даби

Lebanese, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cuisine – the dishes served in this restaurant will not leave any gourmet indifferent. While you are choosing what to order from the meat menu, have a snack with freshly baked pita bread, which was served hot to your table. Be sure to order garlic sauce and hummus as a delicious accompaniment to soft bread. A grilled dish, which is a combination of chicken, beef, lamb meat and vegetables, can satisfy a small family. For vegetarians, fatouche salad will be served — one of the best in the city — fresh salad with crispy fried bread and spicy tamarind dressing. If you are in a hurry, you can always drive up to the restaurant and order freshly prepared juices, such as a fruit cocktail, in fact, a separate meal filled with various freshly squeezed juices and pistachios.

Relax on a private island

Проводим отпуск в Абу Даби

You can spend the whole day walking around the islands surrounding Abu Dhabi. If you want to pamper yourself, there is no better place than the beautiful resort on the island of Zaya Nurai. This resort is the real Arabian Maldives, with its turquoise waters, secluded resorts and ocean swings. There is no need to book a hotel — the island is located a few minutes by boat from Saadiyat Island, departures to it every hour. The island itself is quite small, you can walk around it entirely within an hour. There are no cars on the island, and it really feels like a separate vacation on vacation. The island has various beach restaurants and bars, two pools that can be used throughout the day, and a luxurious spa. No matter how much you would like to stay longer in this paradise – plan your return in advance — the last boat departs back to Abu Dhabi at 11 pm!

Challenge yourself on the obstacle course

Проводим отпуск в Абу Даби

A trip to the Corniche in the center of Abu Dhabi is a wonderful way to enjoy the coastline of the island. There is a wide pedestrian and bicycle path in the Corniche, where visitors can rent bicycles, roller skates or take a walk, enjoying the numerous cafes, ice cream shops and restaurants. The latest addition to the Corniche is the Aqua Fun inflatable water park, which has an obstacle course with slides, bridges, and steps. The strip is open to children and adults and promises to be a serious workout even for athletes.

Enjoy dinner and the view

Проводим отпуск в Абу Даби

After you test yourself on the obstacle course and get hungry, head to Byblos Sur Mer to taste authentic and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine and enjoy the magnificent view that opens up to the guests of the restaurant. This is one of the best places to sit on the rooftop terrace and watch the yachts sail into the marina while you enjoy Middle Eastern delicacies and meat. Byblos Sur Mer is consistently considered one of the best in the Emirate. The menu is for every taste and includes a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes, including more than 20 vegetarian salads and snacks, as well as lamb dishes.Although Abu Dhabi is not as popular a holiday destination as the more bustling and famous Dubai, this emirate has its own special magic. Beautiful islands, incredible views of the dunes of the hot desert, the splendor of architecture – including the famous Scheikha Zayed Mosque, luxury hotels and beautiful beaches – all this attracts travelers here. Enjoy your vacation!

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